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Reward System after Bariatric Surgery




As a bariatric patient, it is an amazing feeling when you hit your goals. This is a lifestyle change and we work so hard to change the way we look at food and exercise. One thing I have learned on this journey is how important it is to have a reward system after weight loss surgery. This is a long process and I truly believe we must reward ourselves for the progress we are making. It can be easy to try to use food as a reward, but I really encourage you to stay away from that. It can be dangerous putting unhealthy foods back into your diet, even if it is just you rewarding yourself for hitting a goal. Instead, I have found there are a few things that have worked for me.

  1. The first thing that has really worked for me is buying myself new clothes. Now, this can get expensive, so you have to be careful. However, I have found that if I put away some money to splurge every couple of months, it really motivates me to do well. It is a great reward system because you are dropping sizes and you can physically see it when you have to buy a smaller size shirt or pants.
  2. Getting a new haircut is another fun thing you can do for a reward. Changing up your look is so much fun on this journey. Use this time to figure out what hairstyle you like best on your new body. Many people decide to change up their look as they lose more weight. This is the perfect time to treat yourself with a new hairdo.
  3. After bariatric surgery, you are going to be able to do things you weren’t able to do before. Perhaps you have never been able to fly before. Use this time to go on a trip somewhere. Another reward you could treat yourself to is going to a theme park to ride a rollercoaster for the first time. It is such an incredible feeling doing something for the first time.
  4. This next one is hard for us to do sometimes, but I have found it really helps me stay focused. When I hit a goal, I will take a personal day and treat myself to a spa day or something relaxing. We work so hard every single day, both physically and mentally. Use this time to take a day off from all the chaos. Sleep in, read a book, or watch your favorite show. Don’t do anything stressful for an entire day. Just relax.
  5. Lastly, invite your friends over to celebrate. If you have a strong support system, I encourage you to use them. It is crucial that you have them during your tough times, but it is just as important that you have them during your high points as well.

Weight loss surgery is not easy. We are constantly pushing to achieve our goals. On this journey, it is so important that you reward yourself for your hard work so that you continue on with that momentum. Keep working hard and give yourself time to appreciate the goals that you have met. You are a Rockstar!

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  • Kimberly H.

Kimberly H.

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