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this is a great little treat to end the day for dessert!

Tastes like a Cookie

My favorite bar so far! It tastes like a Oatmeal Raisin cookie, my favorite.

Love Mint

I just love this shake. My favorite shake so far.

Love Mocha

I love this flavor. Reminds me of a delicious dessert. Seems like I am cheating.

Love the taste

Love the taste of this bar. Reminds me of a good candy bar, tastes delicious.

Love the variety

I love the variety pack, love the different flavors and choices.

World's best bars

I love both of the variety packs of protein bars. These are honestly the best protein bars that I have ever eaten.


This is my new coffee creamer! Love it!


I really enjoyed the crunch! nice surprise!


The caramel pecan bars tastes just like a Snickers yammy


I just love it. I have it for lunch everyday and I don’t get tired of it. I just put it in a paper bowl, put in 1/2 cup of water , put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and I am good to go. I but 10 boxes at a time and that’s it!

Oh the caramel

Love the carmel in these. Love these!

Love chocolate

These remind me of camping season! So good.

Not my favorite

Not one of my favorite bars.

Love Lemon

I love the refreshing taste of these. Reminds me of a lemon bar.


Love the peanut butter taste of these, so creamy and snooth.

Love these!!

I love the minty flavor of these, so refreshing.

Just like a peanut butter cup!

Live these they remind me of a peanut butter cup!!!!

Love these

One of my favorite bars.

I make mine a lava cake

Do yourself a favor and get the choco rite milk chocolate bar too. After you take this cake out of the microwave, put 2 squares of choco rite in the center and let them melt. Soooooooo gooood!!!

Delicious and satisfies my sweet tooth!

I love the crispiness of this like a crunch bar coupled with the sweet caramel. This is my favorite bar!

Lemons yeah

Razzy lemon is awesome

new review

this is the stars I meant to give

not satisfied

I'm not to crazy about this drink I can taste the whey which I'm not to keen on the taste of anyway. if you like whey it's for you but not for me

So disappointed this is SOLD OUT as this is my favorite bar!