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Great flavor-Chocolate Brownie

Tried this for the first time, I was very impressed. It helped my sweet tooth craving.

Delicious Caramel Crunch Bars

These are so tasty and good. Reminds me of a grand candy bar and way better for me.

Great treat

Definitely the only thing that gets me through those tough cravings. I top mine with powdered PB (mixed with water) and some FF cool whip.

Great salad topper

I have these everyday with my salad for lunch, this snack makes me feel like I am eating a "cheat food".

Snickers Bar

So delicious. This will be a regular on my order list. Satisfies any sweet tooth.

Mixes Well

I like to put the hot drink mixes in with my coffee. I add this and Peppermint essential oil and it tastes just like a peppermint mocha. This is a crowd pleaser in our house when we're on the go.


This does not taste like the tropical drink I anticipated. Maybe it's just me but this was really chalky with very little flavor. I love the shakes because these are almost always better than basic vanilla and chocolate. This one just doesn't fit the bill. I would not buy this one again.

Great Flavor

This one doesn't have a strong aftertaste. The grapefruit flavor does a great job of covering the protein in this drink. Great when served really cold.

Easy to Drink

This stuff tastes just like grape Kool-Aid. It's super easy to drink as the flavor is great and it is lighter than having a bar. The bonus is hydration with the fruit drinks. This is my favorite by far!

10g Sampler Pack Bars

You can taste test them all and see which one is your favorite! They are all very good!


Got as a sample! Very very good!!!

Very good.

Very good bar, got as a sample! Love them!


This was so amazing that I ordered more! I found my favorite go-to! Not chalky, no bad aftertaste. Just deliciousness in a cup.

Not a fan

It smelled amazing, but that's where it ends. It tastes nothing like pumpkin. Or spice. The aftertaste leaves a LOT to be desired.

Strong cheddar flavor

I got these in the sample kit. Nice strong cheddar cheese flavor and crunchy! Really satisfies that urge for a mid-afternoon salty snack and glad I'm getting some protein too!

Not bad

I didn't mind these bars but they weren't my favorite. I like the bars with regular chocolate much better than bars with white chocolate.

So good!

I got a free sample and it turned out to be my absolute favorite!


I love the subtle mint flavor in these bars. So good!!

Did not like

I got a sample pack and this bar was in it. I liked most of them, but I did not like this one AT ALL!


Love these bars!

Love them!

These are one of my favorite bars! Some of them taste kind of fake, but this one is delicious!

BBQ Crunch O's are spicy!

I loved the spicy taste of BBQ Crunch O's! Great taste and very satisfying. Wakes up your taste buds. I'd say it's a mild-medium spicy. Didn't aggravate my heartburn though. I highly recommend.

Love it

One of my favorites!!

5 Stars

I’m so impressed with this flavor! It is so good, and it definitely cures my sweet tooth!

Bread for breads sake

As flour and yeast breads are out of the question, this is a good substitute. I add light mayonnaise and a few natural turkey slices and you can have a single slice sandwich or double slice sandwich. Each pack has 3 slices and that is a serving. I find since my bariatric surgery, one slice with peanut butter or 2 slices with sliced Turkey is plenty and I cannot always finish it. At only 120 calories a serving, it is tasty and good for you.