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Energy Powered Berry Smoothie




One thing I have learned after weight loss surgery is just how much easier it is to drink liquids. Sometimes we just cannot eat a lot of food and that can make it challenging to get all your nutrition in for the day. I have really enjoyed making different smoothies on my journey as this has helped me ensure I am getting my protein, fruits and veggies in for the day. I am not one that likes to eat vegetables, so I have found creative ways to incorporate them into my smoothies. This recipe I would like to share with you today is my all-time favorite to jump start your day and give you a boost of energy.

 For this energy powered Berry Smoothie recipe, you will need:

  • Ambari Nutrition’s Berry Fusion Smoothie
  • Ambari Nutrition’s Blue Raspberry Jump Start
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Frozen Mixed Berries


The great thing about this recipe is there is no chopping. All you have to do is throw it all into a blender and mix it up! I absolutely love adding the blue raspberry jump start to my smoothies. It gives such a nice flavor and is packed with B-vitamins to give you a great boost of energy. You can’t even taste the spinach with this recipe so I encourage you to pack it in there to get the most out of your smoothie. If you do not have time to put everything together, you can also just enjoy the smoothie mix on its own. It has such a nice, sweet flavor is the perfect way to start out your day. You can get creative with the ingredients, so try adding kale for additional health benefits as well. Drink up!

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