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How to Stick to Your Bariatric Diet While Traveling



Dieting on vacation is difficult enough, but the challenge multiplies for bariatric patients. Maintaining a balanced bariatric diet on the road can seem next to impossible, especially if you rely on eating out for every meal.  

Before you start planning your next getaway, you need to be truly committed to your bariatric diet so your trip doesn’t become a speedbump in your weight loss success. 

Take a look at these top tips for healthy eating while traveling to stay on track to your goals: 


Plan Your Meals 

Bariatric patients often find that meal planning helps them make better eating decisions, whether you’re traveling, working, or at home. When you plan your vacation, don’t forget to plan ahead for meals.  

You don’t know what your food options will be until you get to your destination. When you’re hungry on the go, you’re likely to grab for whatever you can get, even if it means sinking back into your old eating habits.  

Map out how many days you’ll be traveling, then fill in the blanks with healthy, bariatric diet-approved meals 


Pack Healthy Snacks 

Choose healthy snacks to keep in your room or on the go while you travel. Having a snack within arm’s reach can prevent you from heading to the vending machine or hitting the drive-through.  

Take a snack with you when you go on your adventures. It’s all too easy for restaurants or food trucks to lure you in with their enticing smells.  


Take a Water Bottle 

Keep a full water bottle on you wherever you go. When you’re tempted to indulge, take a drink. Not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll also quell your cravings that could damage your diet. This is one of the easiest ways to feel full and satisfied without gorging on bad-for-you foods.  


Scope Out Restaurants in Advance 

Check out the restaurant scene in your destination city and know where you can get a healthy meal. Look for places within walking distance to your hotel so you can get a dose of exercise with your food. Also, check for nearby grocery stores where you can stock up on healthy snacks or meals for less than what you’d spend at a restaurant. 

As an added bonus, you can also budget for your meals while comparing menus. 


Remember Your Bariatric Diet Goals 

Your body doesn’t take a time-out when you’re traveling, so your eating habits should be business as usual.   

Keep your long-term weight loss goals top of mind and remember why you started a bariatric diet in the first place. Changing your eating habits takes time and effort, and even a few days of “cheating” can exponentially derail your dreams.  

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