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Creating New Holiday Traditions After Weight Loss Surgery



After weight loss surgery, holidays can be one of the greatest challenges you face. These are the times when overindulging seems completely acceptable, and resisting all that delicious food isn’t easy.

It’s not helpful that most holiday traditions typically center around food. During Thanksgiving, all most people talk about is how the turkey tastes or how stuffed they feel after a feast. Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Eve party share similar stories, with food bringing families together to create memories.

If you’re worried about derailing your diet during the holidays, it’s time to start creating new traditions that don’t center around the dinner table.


Holidays Don’t Have to Revolve Around Food

Though many holiday traditions involve food, there are plenty of other activities that have nothing to do with eating.

Take this time to start new family traditions that take you away from the kitchen. For example, instead of hanging around the kitchen while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served, start a family football game tradition or do something crafty. For Christmas, go look at Christmas light displays, take in a holiday play or show, or go cut down your own Christmas tree.

The goal is to have other things to look forward to during the holidays other than food. Find something unique you can do for each holiday that can help take food off your mind.


Prioritize Portion Control

Even with new traditions, food will still likely be a major part of the experience. You must be prepared to prioritize portion control to stay on track to your weight loss goals.

Take small bites and eat slowly. Avoid filling your plate, or even better, opt for a smaller plate to prevent yourself from overeating.

You can still enjoy some of the best tastes of the holidays, so long as you do it in moderation.


Consider the Costs of a One-Time Indulgence

Many dieters try to “save” their calories so they splurge on the holidays, but this logic isn’t just flawed, it also poses long-term effects.

Breaking your diet “just this once” leaves you vulnerable to do it again. Eventually, you may find yourself allowing more leniency in other situations. Plus, when you go to a holiday party hungry, you’re more likely to overdo it on the calories.

Your best practice is to stick to your normal eating patterns. If you’re going to someone else’s dinner, find out ahead of time what they’re serving. If you don’t feel like the menu suits your new diet, plan to contribute a dish or two that fits your requirements.


Don’t Let Weight Loss Surgery Stop Your Holiday Traditions

Weight loss surgery doesn’t have to halt your favorite holiday traditions, but you will need to make some adjustments. This is part of the overall lifestyle changes that come with the surgery.

And if you overindulge once, don’t be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and make it a point to recommit to your goals and diet plan immediately.


Keep the end result in mind and you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays all the better.


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