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Cleaning out your kitchen




I do not know what it is about Springtime but it is extremely freeing spending a day cleaning out your kitchen. I feel like throughout the colder months, I do a really bad job of collecting unhealthy junk food. By the time the sun comes out in the Spring, it rejuvenates me and makes me realize that I need to make some healthy changes in my kitchen. I am planning on spending an entire afternoon going through my refrigerator and pantry to get rid of the foods that are holding me back. Here are a few things I am planning on doing to get my kitchen clean and organized for my bariatric journey.

  1. Utilize organization equipment. I feel like this is what I am most excited about. I love looking online at different organization ideas. There are so many cute ways to organize your pantry. I have a lot of different things in my pantry because of my son so I need to make sure to separate it all out so it does not get lost. I have noticed that when my pantry is messy, I am a lot more likely to add more junk to it. Organizing is key to ensuring my kitchen stays fresh and healthy.
  2. Throw away anything outdated. I feel like I should be on an episode of Hoarders with all the stuff that is in my pantry. I have outdated sprinkles and icing that I have no idea why I have kept stored away for so long. The very first thing I am going to do when I clean out my kitchen is to go through my pantry and refrigerator and throw away anything that is outdated. This is the best place to start before you decide where everything needs to be in the pantry. You might be surprised with how much stuff you throw out.
  3. Get rid of trigger foods. I feel like ever since I have become a parent, my bariatric surgery journey has gotten more difficult because I keep treats in my house for my son. I have realized through the years just how dangerous that can be for me. Even though I want him to have treats, I also do not want him to have the same unhealthy relationship to food as I do. I have done my best to try to substitute unhealthy treats for different healthier options so we both can enjoy them. At the same time, I also make an effort to never choose my own trigger foods to keep in the house for treats as I know I have no control over them. Make sure you take the time to completely clear your kitchen of trigger foods.
  4. Think through your meals. One thing I am going to start doing a better job with after cleaning out my kitchen is truly only buying things I need. Sometimes I do not really think through the meals I am going to make, and that leaves me with just buying a bunch of random stuff that just sits in my pantry. I really encourage you to meal prep and organize your kitchen by meal that way things do not get lost.
  5. Add the rainbow to your kitchen. I have always been told how colorful food should be. Fruits and vegetables should be some of the main food items in your kitchen. It should be so colorful that it lights up the entire kitchen. When you are doing shopping for the first time after cleaning out, make sure you focus on choosing clean foods.

Cleaning out your kitchen can be so rewarding. It feels so good to finally look in your pantry and refrigerator and see no junk and a clear path to health. If you are struggling with a plateau right now, I highly recommend that you take the time to look at your kitchen to ensure you have the right environment. You might be surprised to see how much is holding you back. Good luck! 

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