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7 Pro Tips for Conquering a Full Liquid Diet



Are you nervous about taking on a full liquid diet after bariatric surgery? Granted, it might not sound appealing, but it’s an essential first step in your weight loss journey. 

We’re sharing seven tips to ease your transition into a full liquid diet to give you the best chance of success: 


#1 - Prioritize Convenience 

For the first two to four weeks post-surgery, you’ll be on a strict liquid diet to allow your stomach time to heal. Make it easy on yourself by prepping your liquid diet “meals” ahead of time and making them readily available. 

This way, when hunger strikes, you’ll be less tempted to reach for something that your body isn’t ready for.  


#2 - Watch Your Sugar Intake 

Just because you’re on a full liquid diet doesn’t mean you should drink whatever is in arm’s reach. Many patients overindulge on fruit juices for vitamins and minerals, but all that added sugar isn’t doing you any favors. 

Also, make sure you steer clear of artificial sweeteners. These sugar alternatives can cause diarrhea or other digestive issues and won’t do you any favors.  


#3 - Take Your Vitamins 

When you’re on a liquid diet, you’re limited as to the nutrients your body can receive. You may need to take a multivitamin or other supplement to give your body the care it needs to heal and remain healthy.  

Talk with your doctor about common deficiencies and which supplements he or she recommends during the liquid diet phase. 


#4 - Add Flavor 

A full liquid diet doesn’t have to be bland. Consider ways you can add a little flavor to your meals.   

For example, adding a natural sweetener like honey can spice up your shakes or tea. Making your own natural fruit juice blends can be tastier than just one type of juice.  

Get creative and hands-on with your liquid meals so you don’t burn out too quickly. 


#5 - Plan Your Meals 

If you don’t plan your liquid diet meals ahead of time, you might find yourself drinking the same things every day, which can get boring pretty quickly. 

Take some time to map out your meal strategy for the week. This helps you add variety in your diet every day, plus it can reveal potential nutritional deficiencies. 


#6 - Embrace the Power of Distraction 

One of your biggest enemies on a full liquid diet is boredom. You don’t have food to distract you (which is a good thing!). If you were a die-hard grazer or social eater prior to your surgery, not eating when you’re not hungry can be a major challenge! 

The trick is to keep yourself busy so you’re not thinking about food. The less bored you feel, the less likely you are to eat.  


#7 - Remember Your Liquid Diet Is Only Temporary 

Your full liquid diet is a minor stepping stone in the grand scheme of your weight loss journey. Within two to four weeks, you’ll start adding thicker liquids and soft solids back into your diet and can start putting your newfound eating habits into practice. Keep the finish line in mind and you’ll feel more accomplished once you cross it. 


Are you ready to take on a full liquid diet? Check out our online store to diversify your diet and fill your day with a blend of nutrients, flavor, and hope. 


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Alli "Kat". is a 10 year post-op Gastric Bypass patient with 7 years of Nutrition Counseling for other Bariatric patients. She has several published prints on nutrition and overall health for Bariatric post-op life. In her free time, Alli enjoys kayaking, watching clouds roll by, and cooking for her family.