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A very large percentage of our customers are weight loss surgery patients. Bariatric patients know that protein becomes a main factor in their diet after surgery, and protein is the main ingredient in almost all of our products. Bariatric patients have also learned to master the Nutrition Labels and understand what they're eating. Our protein bars and protein shakes are perfect for post-op weight loss surgery patients because they are meant to pack in as much protein, fiber, and vitamins as possible while still keeping under a certain amount of calories without compromising flavor. Most Bariatric patients have become masters of reading nutrition labels so go ahead and browse our store, check the labels, and soon you'll be enjoying some great tasting treats!

Bariatric patients, Pre & Post-Op, should consider joining the free American Bariatrics Forums at AmericanBariatrics.Org. American Bariatrics is a great group of Bariatric patients that share questions and knowledge with other patients. The forums are absolutely free, and you can even browse all the past topics without registering for the free account.

Here's a brief Post-Op Guide to Eating After Bariatric Surgery