Meal Replacements Meal Replacements are obviously meant to replace a meal, but be careful when selecting your bars and shakes. Many Meal Replacements on the market these days are just candy bars or sugary drinks with a few vitamins added to them. So be sure to read the nutrition labels before buying your meal replacements. Here's a list of some things you should be looking for in a healthy Meal Replacement: - 200 Calories or less - 15+ Grams of Protein - 4+ Grams of Fiber - 17-24 Vitamins & Minerals - 10g Sugar or less Small Meal Replacements like these work better on the 5 small meals a day diet better than a traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner diet. A diet like this usually consists of about 1200-1400 Calories a day, and substituting 3-4 of the small meals with the Meal Replacements. AmBari's Meal Replacements AmBari Nutrition makes meal replacement bars and shakes. These products are slightly different than the rest of our products in the fact that they have added vitamins and minerals that are designed to help meet the daily amounts of these nutrients.

Article: Meal Replacements

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