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Saying No to Sweets after Weight Loss Surgery




If you are a sweet lover, weight loss surgery might be a little tough for you. This was probably one of the hardest transitions for me as a bariatric patient. I was always one that loved desserts. If I could, I would have a dessert after every meal. Sugar is by far the worst thing you can consume after weight loss surgery, which can be really challenging if you have spent your entire life addicted to it. For some people, they can quickly make the switch to no sugars, but for others, they need a slower transition. As someone who is 8 years post-op weight loss surgery, I have definitely had my share of rough moments with sugar. It has not always been easy to say no to it, but I have learned ways to get through it when I am really struggling.

For me personally, I learned that I could not just give up everything. I was definitely the type that would go the complete opposite way if I felt I was deprived of everything. It took me a long time to realize that it was all about balance. I used to be really bad about going all day without any sweets and then wait until the end of the night and just stuff my face with a bunch of sweet junk. It was so unhealthy and made the issue so much worse. Instead of completely depriving myself of everything, I have found healthier ways to enjoy sweet foods. There are a lot of desserts that I enjoy that I have managed to find healthier options to enjoy. For example, around the holidays I love the Starbucks cranberry bliss bar. However, with all that sugar, I would definitely feel sick after eating it. I found a skinny recipe that is really similar to it, so now every year around the holidays, I make my own cranberry bliss bars that have less sugar. I have also found healthier alternatives such as sugar free pudding and popsicles that I enjoy as a dessert. Protein bars are also a huge hit in my house because there are so many flavors you can enjoy. As simple as it sounds, sometimes I just like to have some frozen berries with a little bit of fat free whipped cream. I have learned to get creative with my desserts because it truly does help me stay on track if I feel like I can have a treat.

Saying no to sugar is not always easy, but it is worth it. As you know, dumping syndrome can happen to bariatric patients when they consume too much sugar. It is so uncomfortable and truly something you do not want to experience. If you put too much sugar back into your life after weight loss surgery, you take the chance of regaining the weight. I promise you that you want to try to heal from your sugar addiction. Take the time to talk to someone about it and be open about it and you will be highly more successful on your journey. Remember, this is about starting a new healthy lifestyle. Sugar should not be one of the main ingredients in your every day diet. As hard as it might be to say goodbye to it, you will be so proud that you took that step. Focus on enjoying healthier natural sugars like fruit and find alternatives to still live a balanced life and you will be on the path toward success.

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Kimberly H.

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