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Fertility after Weight Loss Surgery




Weight loss surgery brings many positive changes and it is so amazing to see the benefits of having the procedure. One of the most exciting things after surgery is that fertility can go up for women of childbearing age. Obesity is recognized as one of the factors that can cause infertility. So, when extreme weight loss happens, there is a chance fertility can go up.

Fertility is something many women struggle with and it can be frustrating when you are having  issues getting pregnant. I struggled with my menstrual cycle prior to having the procedure and this caused significant stress with getting pregnant. It was not until after the surgery when I noticed a change in my cycle. It became easier to track and I was able to identify when I was ovulating. When I got the clear to try to conceive, I got pregnant the first month! It won’t necessarily be this easy for everyone to get pregnant and there are plenty of other factors that could contribute to infertility. However, taking obesity out of the equation has shown to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Many women wonder if pregnancy is safe after surgery. It is important to always talk to your surgeon about this before trying to become pregnant. It is recommended that women should not get pregnant until at least 18 months post-op. This is because it is important that your weight stabilizes before becoming pregnant. Since your body is different after the procedure, you must be aware of the steps to take to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It is critical that you are educated on this topic, so research is a must.

Bariatric surgery is a wonderful tool and can bring so many beautiful things. Increased fertility is something to be aware of and optimistic about after surgery, but remember it might not happen for everyone. If you are on a fertility journey, talk to your surgeon and make sure you are in a safe place to get pregnant. Work with your medical team throughout your pregnancy and you will be on the right path towards a new beginning. Good luck!


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  • Kimberly H.

Kimberly H.

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