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How to exercise without even realizing it




Weight loss surgery is a lifestyle change. You cannot simply just have the surgery and expect everything to get better overnight. You have to put in work to lose the weight and keep it off for good. So much of this journey is about what you are eating, but you cannot forget about the exercise portion of this as well. For many of us, this can be a hard transition since we have spent so much of our life being pretty sedentary. I thought that I had to get on a treadmill for an hour a day to be successful and I dreaded it so much after my weight loss surgery. It was not until a few years in when I discovered a workout class that I truly loved and realized exercise did not have to look a certain way. It is different for all of us and true success is when you find something you enjoy doing consistently. You can do things that you might not even realize classify as working out. It is all about getting moving and finding something you can stick with. Here are a few of my favorite things to do to get some exercise without feeling like you are actually working out.

  1. Try a workout class. One of the best decisions I made after surgery is I finally started getting out and trying classes. I found that I was a lot more motivated when I worked out around other people. I am a very competitive person and I think it pushed me harder when I saw other people exercising. I did so many classes, but my favorite ones were Cycle and Pound. I found a place that did a Cycle class with a combination of circuit training and it was seriously the best workout I have ever had. The people there were amazing and inspired me to put in my best every single day. I was in the best shape of my life during this time. I actually enjoyed waking up and going to class every morning. I also enjoyed Pound class, which was newer when I started it. I felt that it was extremely therapeutic and helped me take out my emotions. If you have never checked it out, I highly recommend that you watch a video about it. It is super cool!
  2. Play Wii Fit. This is a great way to get exercise without even realizing you are doing it. I think these are also really great for families to encourage active lifestyles while having fun together. You do not realize how much it gets your heart pumping until you sit down. The games are so much fun that you are not even thinking about how hard you are working. This is a really good thing to do if you are one that needs distraction to help get through a workout.
  3. Many people forget about the benefits of swimming and I will say, I think it is something that would have helped me more if I knew how great it was when I first had surgery. Swimming is especially good for people who do not have the best joints. You can find gyms that have indoor pools these days, which is helpful if you do not live in an area where it is warm enough to have a pool outdoors throughout the year. I find swimming very relaxing too, so it can be great for your mental health as well.
  4. Yes, you heard me correctly. Yardwork is a killer workout! I did not realize this until I was an adult and had a yard to maintain. If you are looking for something different, just get outside and start pulling up weeds and planting some new flowers. You will be surprised with how sore you will feel the next day.
  5. Outdoor Sports. In the warmer months, an easy way to get a great workout and have fun while doing it is by just getting outside. Whether you go kayaking, fishing, hiking, or just play cornhole with the family, getting outside and moving is so great for you. I have found that when I do these activities, I am generally a much happier person. There is something about being outside in nature that is so good for your soul.

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