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Control Snacks
The Slow-Carb snacks control appetite and blood-sugar

Control Snacks are physician developed and clinically proven to control your blood sugar for up to 9 hours! Control Snacks are a perfect way to control appetite and hunger, and the patented formula slow-carb snacks are clinically proven to reduce calorie consumption by up to 21% at the next meal. The slow-carb energy release of Control Snacks provides an ongoing healthy source of energy that can result in more stamina and improved physical performance.

Control Snacks are a simple and delicious way to control your blood sugar, lose weight, maintain consistent energy throughout the day, enable the body to burn fat - not store it, and all of the snacks are high protein, low carb, low fat, low glycemic, gluten and sugar free, kosher, etc. PLUS, Control Snacks taste great!

If your interested in weight loss, appetite management and hunger control, then Control Snacks are right for you!

Control Snacks Low Glycemic Chart